Valentine Banquet at Underwood Baptist Church

When women with a heart full of joy get together for a night of fun, anything can happen! Join us, won’t you, at Underwood Baptist Church in Florence, Alabama. The time is February 11, 2012 at 5:30 pm. Tickets are available through the church office.

I’m so very honored to be the guest speaker. I hope to see you there!

~Blessings, Annie


About Annie

Known for her colorful characters and distinctively Southern locales, Annie Cole has a true passion for storytelling. She credits her ability for weaving an imaginative tale to her Creator and every story about this Southern life finds a way to point back to Him. Descending from a long line of storytellers, Annie is indebted to her grandmother whose captivating stories of life growing up on a Louisiana plantation instilled in her a love of legends and folklore which she artfully intertwines with the deeper truths of her faith. She and her husband make their home in the Muscle Shoals area near the banks of the “Singing River” where they enjoy the art, music, literature, and faith of their community. To date, Annie has written four novels with a fifth book in the works. When she is not writing, she loves spending time with her family, speaking to community groups, and enjoying the outdoors.
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