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Silver Leaf Cover #2

Silver Leaf returns to the enchanting coast of Bell Forest, a place of untamed beauty and engaging Southern characters, to tell a moving story of unconditional love, healing and hope.
What Readers Are Saying

“Annie, you’ve written a delightful addition to your “Bell Forest” series. I adore the strong female characters you bring to each of your books. More, you have a marvelous and creative way of describing South Alabama’s coastal environment; so vividly! I feel as if I’m actually there watching the story unfold as the waves ebb and the sand sifts beneath my feet leaving footprints of faith and conviction on the heart of your reader.”

~ Trish Vasquez

“Once again, Annie Cole brings us to a small town in southern Alabama. Her descriptive words transport you to this quaint little town and make you feel like one of the neighbors watching the story as it happens. Ms. Cole has a gift for character development that makes you feel as if you know the people intimately. There is even a surprising twist in this story that makes it a little different from the previous two books. In this story, you will meet Lannie and travel with her through her trails and triumphs. Lannie calls upon her faith in God to help her through the many obstacles that life sends her way.I did not want to put this book down and now that I’ve finished it, I can’t wait for the next one.”

~ Brenda L. Phillips

“Annie Cole continues to amaze me with her work. All three of her books have not only interested me from the beginning, which is difficult to do, but kept my full attention the whole way through. When you read her books you feel as if you are there watching it all play out. Silver Leaf is definitely the best yet! Through all her trials and triumphs, Lannie never loses her faith in God and never loses herself. There are many twists and turns in this book so once you pick it up, it will be hard to put it down. Definitely a must read. Can’t wait for the next one”.

~ Jessica Minor

“Just finished Silver Leaf! What an amazing book! A love story with no trash…and such witnessing throughout the book. God will reward you for your witness! Enjoyed it thoroughly.”

~ Carolyn Hester Smith

“Silver Leaf is yet another fabulous read from Annie Cole. It stands alone from the other 2 books as there are new characters with many twists and turns. This book paints a perfect picture of the deep South, with unique characters and a plot that will keep the pages turning. I highly recommend.”

~ H. Williams

“Just finished reading “Silver Leaf”…loved it. These books are so good and so well written it makes you feel like you are part of the story. Keep up the good work and hurry up with number 4”.

~ Starlet Hill

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Oh So Shabby, by Debbie Reynolds, Shayla’s Designs & Gifts, The Murmuring Cottage,La Casa Decoracion, Southern Life Beautiful, Life is Beautiful, and, Shabby Chic Mania. ~ Thank you!

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Dear friends,

The first line of the novel, “Silver Leaf”, states- “Great and awful moments in life are sometimes like ghosts; you don’t look for them and your certainly don’t expect them, but suddenly they’re just there, staring you in the face”.

I didn’t know how prophetic those words would be when I wrote them over a year ago. In the time it has taken me to write this story, many “life altering” events have taken place in my life and I’m sure in your life as well. Those events have helped shape my story in a way I never expected. In fact, I’ve felt at times as if the story were writing itself!

My prayer, as always, has been for God to use my feeble efforts to bring comfort and encouragement to those that might be in need of it. To take my work and use it for good and for His glory.

Blessings, Annie


(Image taken from, Oh So Shabby, by Debbie Reynolds)

Hi friends!

While doing research for the story, Silver Leaf, I was introduced to “vintage style” and fell in love. I’m now a full-blown “shabby addict”!

History has always been a passion of mine, and this style just naturally adds history into your life and a nostalgic feel to your surroundings. I love simplicity in most everything. It calms my mind.

These days, it seems no matter where we go, the cell phone, e-mails and facebook notices are always nipping at our heels, demanding our attention.  I believe we sacrifice too much for them sometimes, like the simple joy of wandering around the countryside discovering new things or meeting interesting people. Actually having “face” time with a loved one or a complete stranger can enrich our lives in deep and meaningful ways. Not to mention all the fabulous “treasures” you can discover on your journey.

I do hope you’ll find time to unplug and go out and enjoy the simple life. What are you waiting for?

~ Annie


6 Responses to Silver Leaf

  1. Shayla says:

    As always it was joy to read your writing. Thank you so much for the very sweet mention of my page. I am very flattered to have been mentioned along side such lovely ladies and their pages.
    You continue to inspire me! Thank you again and by all means please continue the great work that you do.

    May God continue to bless you.

  2. nancy kay hibbs says:

    these books make me feel good

    good stuff

  3. Jessica Minor says:

    Annie, I LOVE your books. I just fininshed reading Silver Leaf and it is definitely the best yet! Only one complaint…they aren’t long enough 🙂 I have read all three books within 2 days each. It’s probably a good thing they aren’t longer or I would never sleep. Once I pick up one of your books, it is very hard to put it down. Normally, I pick up a book and lose intrest within the first couple of pages. I pick up your books and I am sucked into them from the very beginning as if I am there watching the events take place. They are all so well written and the characters just come to life. I thank you for making reading enjoyable for me. You are a very talented author and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    • Annie says:

      Wow! Not only have you made my day, but you’ve just given me a shot of encouragement so strong that I’m sure it will be hard to put up with me for the rest of the day. But, rest assured, God has a way of balancing out too much praise. Before the day is out I’m sure I’ll get a big dose of reality. Even so, your kind words mean so much to me, Jessica. I’m thrilled about being able to hold your attention with my writing!
      By the way, thank you for your service to the people of Florence, Alabama. I’m so very proud of all of your accomplishments at the Florence Police Department. You’re amazing!

      ~ Annie

  4. Annie, I want you to know that I enjoyed all three books. I look forward to buying your newest book. You are such and inspirational writer. You can feel that love and compassion with each page. Thank you for the wonderfully written books, and your friendship


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