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My purpose for writing the saga called Summer’s Keep was to provide a glimpse of how our gracious God moves in the lives of ordinary people.

In creating this coastal South Carolina community and the town of Noble, Mississippi, I hope to display something of the purposes of God down through the generations of a few Lowcountry and Delta families and how they intertwine with each other. As the story unfolds it begins to become evident that God pursues us, and every person is given a chance to respond to His gracious and universal call.

But, my main objective in storytelling is to get out a message. I don’t preach in my stories, but I do have a message…a Good News message. I try to keep the tension high enough so that the reader is compelled to keep turning the pages long after she should turn off the lamp light and go to sleep.

With a prayer of hope, that’s what I’d like to accomplish with my stories. Thank you so much for your kind attention to my words.

By the way, my daughter, Hannah Mears, is the beautiful Cover Girl for
Summer’s Keep!



Hannah - Summer's Keep



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Summer’s Keep, by Annie M. Cole

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What Readers are Saying:

“This story, Summer’s Keep, just reminded me about the seeds we plant. Sometimes they lay dormant until the right rain or storm comes our way, bringing them to life! Their journey to growth.”
~ Darlene McCaig

13466278_1392609260766261_8542877975257049495_n“I’ve just finished reading Summer’s Keep. A great read! I didn’t want to put the book down even when I’d read the last page. Looking forward to Annie’s next book.”

~ Clarice Johnson

“Summer’s Keep had a way of transporting me to another place with characters that I found myself falling in love with. I would get anxious to know what was coming next for them. This book had just enough suspense to keep the pages turning and before I knew it, the story came to a close. I truly missed this book once I finished reading it and found myself thinking about these characters, albeit fictional, in my daily life. It is a must read novel with a powerful message that brought everything together beautifully.”

~ H. L. Mears

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